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Portfolio Management

We ensure a regular and proper implementation of portfolio management with large number of benefits that can provide high value returns. While you are already receiving a service of portfolio management you have an option to deposit additional funds or perform partial/full withdrawal of your funds.


We are a team of financial professionals. By researching the markets and analyzing the results we can help you meet your financial goals. While you are already receiving brokerage services, there is a variety of ways you can execute the orders with us.

Brokerage fees and commissions

"Go Global" Commissions Schedule 15/11/2020 last updated
"Direct U.S." Commissions Schedule 15/11/2020 last updated
"Go IPO" Commissions Schedule 15/11/2020 last updated

Portfolio management fees and commissions

Commission calculation manual
Schedule of fees for Portfolio Management Services 07/05/2018 last updated*

* Applicable from the 1st of June 2018



Any amendments and/or additions and/or removals of Terms and Conditions will not be communicated via any written personalized form of communication to the client, but these will be revised through a website update and the client will be responsible for his own updating. The Company will not be liable for any communication regarding these Changes.

Terms and Conditions 16/03/2020 last updated


Terms and Conditions 07/05/2018 last updated

“Never depend on single source of income. Make an investment to create a second source.”

- Warren Buffet