How to become a client

It’s never too late to start

In an increasingly complex market and regulatory landscape, our primary aim is to advise and support you and your family with long-term wealth planning solutions based on our specialists so you can confidently look to the future.

Account Opening Procedure


Read the introductory documents carefully to become familiar with Constance Investment Ltd activities and policies. Preliminary Information and documents that need to be read by client in the client documents section on the website.


Complete and submit to our Service Desk (Fax: 00357 22 028 023 or E-mail: [email protected]) the relevant questionnaires and documents of DUE DILIGENCE CHECKLIST depending on the KYC requirements that are applicable


After fulfilling the account opening requirements, you will receive a letter confirming your acceptance as a Client for particular investment services together with other documents. This letter will also state your classification by Constance Investment Ltd


Sign the letter of acceptance, the relevant agreements and other required documents stated in Section 3 and send them to Constance Investment Client Service Department (Fax: 00357 22 028 023 or E-mail: [email protected]) afterwards you will receive your identification code from the Account Opening Officer. You should use this code any time you contact us for investment services.


Use the forms stated in Section 3 in order to transfer money, place orders and deposit or transfer your financial instruments

Prior to completing any form, please study the preliminary information below:

Best Order Execution Policy 27/02/2017 last updated
Business Continuity Policy 27/02/2017 last updated
Client Categories and their Differences in Protection 27/02/2017 last updated
Complaints Handling Procedure 27/02/2017 last updated
Conflicts of Interest Policy 27/02/2017 last updated
Description of Financial Instruments and Principal Risks 27/02/2017 last updated
General Risk Warning Statement (Retail Clients) 27/02/2017 last updated
Notice on the Investment Compensation Fund 27/02/2017 last updated
Outsourcing Policy 27/02/2017 last updated
Statement of Risk Warnings 27/02/2017 last updated
Terms and Conditions 27/02/2017 last updated