Global Capabilities

Our clients rely on the exceptional service that we pride ourselves on

When you work with CONSTANCE INVESTMENT LTD, you’re dedicated and highly experienced consultant will meet with you on a regular basis to continually review your portfolio and make sure you are still on target to meet your financial goals.

Wherever you are in the world, by investing through Constance Investment LTD you can be sure that you will always be in control of your investments. Should you change location and move to another part of the world, we have a 24/7 Client Service Team who are always just a phone call, email or fax away and always on hand to provide assistance.

Global Products

Client Focus

We're guided by what's best for our clients
We believe that our investment philosophy of diversifying quality investments and holding them for the long-term best serves our clients when it comes to meeting their financial goals.

Clients: Our sole focus

How do we help individual investors meet their goals? By taking the time to listen - really listen - about what's important to them and their families. Helping individual investors achieve their long-term financial goals is our sole focus. The extensive support and resources we provide you ensure that you can serve each client's unique needs. One resource you'll have is our established 5-Step Asset Management Process.

By working through our 5-Step Process, you can:

  • Help assess your client's tolerance for risk
  • Create a quantifiable, actionable financial goal for the client to work toward
  • Recommend investments and strategies that support and align with the client's goals
  • Review the client's progress toward his or her goals

“Never depend on single source of income. Make an investment to create a second source.”