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We offer investors a variety of innovative and proven investment management solutions.

Institutional and private investors can choose from abroad range of mutual funds and customized special funds

We pursue a systematic quantitative investment process in portfolio construction and monitoring.

Our qualified and dedicated portfolio management team shows a high level of flexibility in the development of customerspecific solutions. Private investors benefit equally from the extensive experience of our portfolio managers.

What sets us apart:

  • Complete independence from banks and insurers in investment decisions
  • Attractive cost structure


Investing in a fund effectively means that you pool together your money with a number of investors.

Funds are Professionally Managed

A professional fund manager or multiple managers who look after the fund will invest in asset classes on behalf of you and other like-minded investors.

Depending on the fund, it will also invest in various regions and sectors. Assets the fund may invest in range from cash to government bonds and equities to property depending on the specific investment objectives of the fund. The funds can also offer access to shares listed on foreign stock markets which may not usually be accessible to individual investors.

Funds are Diversified

Some funds may invest across multiple asset classes (and the manager can sometimes invest with other specialist managers).

These approaches are referred to as ‘multi-asset’ and ‘multi-manager’ - which simply means as an investor you do not risk putting all of your eggs in one basket.


It’s important to remember that the managers responsible for the fund will make all of the investment decisions for you. It is their job to continually research and analyse the investments and make adjustments when necessary.

Fund managers will monitor the day-to-day performance of shares or of an individual company which the fund may be invested in. They will also adjust the fund portfolio and make changes when necessary; for example if any companies or shares are underperforming.

The important point to remember is that assets such as stocks and shares can fall or rise in value and with investments, there are no guarantees of performance and returns.

Considering other Points


What type of investments does the fund hold? Government bonds, property, company shares or a mixture of all? Be clear on what the fund is investing in.


It is worth assessing how the fund has performed historically but remember that past fund performance does not guarantee future fund performance. Also, consider how it compares with other funds. Understanding the performance of the fund is crucial to making your investment decision.


How risky is the fund? Is it investing in volatile sectors or markets? Make sure you are happy with the level of risk the fund poses. You can find this information on the KIID document.


What are the fund charges and how does this compare with other similar funds? When you invest with us, there will be a charge known as the ‘Ongoing Charges Figure’. There may also be initial charges, as well as the cost of buying and selling stocks for the funds. This should be factored in to your investment decision.


At Constance Investment, we offer a wide range of funds from our well-known fund managers, sectors and markets. Our professionals will provide you information about individual fund performance as well as investment charges.

If you wish to learn more about our available funds, please give us a call. To begin the investment process, please register and contact us.

If you have opened an account and are ready to begin a fund, please simply contact us.

“Never depend on single source of income. Make an investment to create a second source.”

- Warren Buffet