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CONSTANCE INVESTMENT LTD provides investment products and services to institutions, advisory clients and individuals.

Our clients include insurers, foundations, financial advisers and individual investors. We encourage honesty and discussion, and we organise and empower our teams to inspire diversity of perspective.


Our mission is to provide investments that are designed to preserve and grow our clients’ capital, provide financial security for institutional and individual investors, and contribute to overall economic growth.


Our vision is to build a better & secure financial future for our clients.


  • We take responsibility
  • We only take risks we understand
  • We are committed to sustainable business principles
  • We build relationships through trust


EU Capital Markets and European Regulation

The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) is a key criterion in the EU’s Financial Services Action Plan (FSAP) which is designed to create a single market... View More


The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) is a crucial part of the EU’s Financial Services Action Plan (FSAP) which is designed to create a single market financial service.



The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) strengthens the Single EU Passport system which allows us to offer services across the EU without restrictions of borders.



Most of the focus granted by MiFID deals with operational changes to user compliance. Constance Investment vigilantly stays up to date with its compliance methods.

Most of the focus of MiFID deals with the tactical and operational changes to ensure compliance. Constance Investment is constantly update its compliance methods so that they may stay true to MIFIDs requireme nts



MiFID set out new organisational requirements relating to compliance, internal audit, risk management, outsourcing, systems and controls for records.

Organisational requirements MiFID set out new and tougher requirements relating to the organisation of business in Constance Investment particularly in the areas of compliance, internal audit, risk management, outsourcing, systems and controls and reco rdkeeping. The challenge of MiFID is to bring together compliance, information technology departments and the front, middle and back office of financial markets in such a way as to benefit from the new requirements within the tight time frame. We under the MiFID regulation set up full - time compliance, internal audit and risk management functions. Which allowed us to be compliant with organisational requirements set by MIFID.


Single EU Passport Directive

The “Single EU Passport” facilitates Constance Investment trading in the EU and protects Constance Investment investors from the excesses of secondary markets. We are able to operate within the EU and take advantage of the harmonisation rules prevailing. The implementation of the rules has resulted in new business opportunities for Constance Investment as more services are passportable.

At Constance Investment ltd, we are constantly developing new services for clients to address new challenges and opportunities. We endeavour to provide them with quality services to meet their requirements. At the same time, we present them with those prospects which can lead to new opportunities to enhance their growth and corporate values.

Regulatory Compliance and Transparent Conditions

Constance Investment is subject to a comprehensive set of regulatory conditions and codes of practice. Such regulation presents both a challenge and opportunity to us which must continue to evolve its regulatory governance and risk management frameworks to ensure that license conditions are being met.

These regulators require us to satisfy certain license conditions in order to obtain and maintain their regulated status. At the outset a regulated business must be able to demonstrate sufficient technical capabilities in relation to the services being regulated and present an effective regulatory governance and risk management framework which can deliver the necessary reporting outputs and declarations. Constance Investment is also expected to maintain minimum regulatory capital and liquidity requirements.

Constance Investment submits regular reports and declarations to the appropriate regulatory bodies in order to maintain compliance with the applicable licenses. In addition regulatory bodies typically conduct periodic regulatory visits which may be themed towards a particular element of service provision or more generally on regulatory themes such as AML Constance Investment is expected to hold and maintain the appropriate insurances (Professional Indemnity Insurance for example) which provide protections against certain losses in relation to client services, excluding negligence. The regulators conduct periodic visits and Constance Investment has also implemented, where it was deemed beneficial, independently assessed themed review as part of the Constance Investment’s assurance programmer to ensure all regulatory require ments are being met.

“The real mechanism for corporate governance is the active involvement of the owners”

- Louis V. Gerstner, Jr

Corporate Governance

Our Chairman of the BoD and our CEO play key roles in safeguarding our reputation and ensuring that we communicate effectively with all our stakeholders.

We believe that good corporate governance is an essential ingredient to nurturing healthy relationships in the business world and have therefore set out a list of aims and strategic goals in order to satisfy the expectations of everyone connected with our company in any way.

The board of directors at Constance Investment endeavor to create a healthy work environment for the staff which will ensure the provision of a high standard of service to our clients. Our board of directors is committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior and transparent disclosure. Furthermore, we aim to administer our company in an organized and diligent manner on a daily basis ensuring that high standards of care are adhered to on the day-to-day operations of our company.

At Constance Investment Ltd we promise that

  • Our board of directors and staff wil l conduct business in an efficient and trustworthy manner aimed at providing our clients with the best service possible.
  • All dealings, both internal and external, of personal or monetary nature, will be conducted with full transparency and accountability.
  • Integrity and honesty are values that are held at high esteem within our company and all business is conducted with these values in mind.
  • Our board of directors and staff will at all times be professional, adequately trained, knowledgeable and available in order to meet our clientele’s needs.
  • Our board of directors will have the best interests of the company and its clients at heart at all times and will work diligently towards enhancing them
  • Our board of directors shall devote sufficient time and energy i n order to achieve the strategic goals of our clients and will always act with due care and responsibility as well as good faith.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility CSR is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model of Constance Investment aimed at ensuring that a business adheres to law, ethical standards and international norms. CSR is at the very heart of everything we do at Constance Investment.

We practice CSR principles by supporting our employees and clients by providing a safe and healthy work environment.

A Constance Investment we are committed to providing an environment where employees’ rights are both protected and respected.

It can be summarised as the deliberate inclusion of public interest into corporate decision making through use of the so called triple bottom line of: people, planet, profit.

The board of directors of Constance Investment is sensitive to the above model and strives to protect its people and its clients as well as the environment in which we operate. Below you will find some guidelines on how we attempt to influence those around us positively

License and Documents

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